As promised on my earlier Fashion Diary Post, here’s the cafe that we found at Katong area. Introducing Penny University, located slightly further from the main belt of Katong dining establishments, we discover it by chance. My hubby and I were looking for a nice cafe around Katong and none piqued our interest from 112 Katong and it’s surrounding area. We decided to explore and walk a little bit further and that’s how we found it.  I suggest you took a bus from 112 Katong since it is quite a bit of walk. Both 112 Katong and Penny University is located along East Coast Road, with a couple of bus stop apart. You can get down at East Coast road stop “Katong Omega Apartment” or “Ocean Apartment.” Penny University is smack between the two stops. If you love to cycle, even better, you can get there with your wheels and park at their doorstep. The cafe has a bicycle parking area up front. The few times I went there, I always saw cycling enthusiast enjoying their cups of coffee basking in their afternoon sun at the alfresco seating area while resting their wheels upfront.





My friend Alia was in town a few months ago so we decided to head down to Penny University since it serves halal food. Although the menu is limited, the establishment offers quality than quantity. Many cafes that I had visited either had average coffee and cakes, or good coffee but horrible cakes. I had yet to try the food at Penny, but this was my third visit and it never disappointed. Their coffee flavour is rich and had strong body and flavour, but not overtly too strong, with interesting presentation. The cakes are pretty good too, when in doubt always asked for their signature cakes. From all of our visits we tried at least more than half of their cake selection and all are really good. Our favourite is the Millionaire Shortbread (chocolate cake with the mini pretzel on it).

Today’s order we had (from top left to right bottom) the Soursop Meringue Tart, Ice Chocolate, Latte, Banoffee pie and Millionaire Shortbread. Their cakes are on average of ($7) and coffee for ($4).






Another thing that we love about Penny U is how they used recyclable materials and DIY into their interior design. I just love the salvage wood tree coat hanger outside, very creative indeed. The personalised table number hand written on an upside down cup also has a certain charm to it. Topped with DIY-looking light fixtures, mismatch chairs, vintage knickknacks, and the choices of metal plates it made the whole ambience of Penny U very Industrial chic and pleasing for the eyes.












Photographs by me and Alia Zulkifli

Penny University

402 East Coast Road

Singapore 428997

T: 9008 9314

Opening Hours:

Mon – Closed

Tues-Thurs: 8:30 – 18:00

Fri-Sat: 8:30 – 00:00

Sun: 8:30 – 22:30

Penny unniversity






Few months ago my friend Alia visited Singapore, I brought her to Joo Chiat/ Katong area for some lunch and coffee. There were many good cafes around the area that I will cover on my next post. I just love this part of Singapore. The pre-war shop lots are adorned with beautiful intricate tiles in various colours and patterns, perfect for photo opportunity. We passed by this beautiful canopy of Bougainvillea and can’t resist taking some pictures. You can find this type of flowers on the way to the airport, countless rows of them. Very beautiful green belt or shall I said pink? I remembered early this year during the draught, everything is dying but these flowers thrive and survive the heat. I can find many of these flowers to in my other home, Bali. I guess it is very suitable for tropical weather.

On a second note I brought this adorable Toucan clutch from Charlotte Olympia along, which I totally love at first sight. I was contemplating between the Kate Spade version or the Charlotte Olympia’s version. Somehow I am more drawn to the stylise shape of  Charlotte Olympia’s take of this beautiful bird. Both are absolutely cute. I am a collector of Kate Spade too, but the quirkiness of Charlotte’s toucan wins inner kookiness.

I just love how the pictures turns out to be. I did not do any editing or using any filter what-so-ever. Recently I prefer mine in natural colour with a little bit adjustment of brightness and contrast. All these pictures are taken by Alia. She was the “Mamarazzi” with our group and had invented selfies before it was called as one at least a decade ago.








Dress: H&M

Clutch: Charlotte Olympia

Shoes: Tory Burch

Photographer: Alia Zulkifli


Prada Fairy


“Spread Your Wings and Let the Fairy in you Fly!”

James Jean, the illustrator behind the PRADA Fairy collection for Spring/ Summer 2008. It begun with his commission to create a mural and backdrop for their stores in New York and LA and their Spring/ Summer 2008 show in Milan. That was just beginning, soon his creation can be seen in PRADA’s clothing, shoes, bags, and many more. His work was the epicentre of PRADA’s advertising campaign that year, and I can just admire his work from afar. I was a fan, and begun collecting his prints and artworks. There is something child-like yet sinister about his painting. It is an adult take of fairy tale, a total juxtapose of the two elements. However as many coveted items of PRADA, it was sold out very fast, and it is the one that get away. Imagine my delight when I saw it for sale online. I just had to have this beautiful piece. The fairy prints on the fabric were cut out and stitch to the top. It has multi layer sleeves with overlapping leaf-shape fabric that will bring out the fairy in you. It is just simply exquisite,















Top: Prada (from Prada Fairy, SPRING/SUMMER 2008 collection)
Skirt: ASOS
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Chloe